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crackle nail polish

Crackle Nail Polish: The Easy Way

If you want to stand out in the world of nails designs, crackle nail polish is your best bet. You can create so many different types of patterns with crackle that your nails will have a completely unique look even if your best friend tries to do them the same way. The … [Read More...]

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Average Nails to Pretty Nails: 5 Simple Steps

You want pretty nails. You need pretty nails to go with your pretty nail designs. But your nails remain frustratingly average. They break when you try to grow them out. They do weird things when you put nail polish on them. Before you resign yourself to wearing mittens … [Read More...]

toe nail art

Toe Nail Art: Where to Start?

If you love nail art, why restrict it to just your fingernails? Come Spring and you want to enjoy the respite from the chilly winters by flaunting pretty open toed sandals and peep-toe shoes. And what could be more stylish than toe nail art? Toe nail art is the new … [Read More...]


One Manicure, 12 Days, Want to Know How?

Gel manicures are the perfect and convenient solution for long-lasting nail beauty. However, what if you decided to opt for a traditional home manicure? Do you still love buying your own gel nail polishes and looking after your nails at home? If that's you, read on, … [Read More...]